The Arcana Workshop, LLC

21 Metro Way Unit 3, Barre, VT 05641  |  Tel: 802-989-9499

 Copyright 2018 by Michael A Turner.  Images used by permission.  All Rights Reserved.



  1. ar-ca-na (ärˈkānə): secrets or mysteries

  2. workshop (wurk-shop): a room or rooms in which work is carried on

We create custom sculptures, artistic fabrications, unique displays, figures and props.   Owner and artist Mike Turner has been making custom fabrications professionally since 1998 for a variety of companies and clients.  Projects through other companies in the past have included work for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Bethesda Softworks to name a few.   The Workshop is building on that experience and moving on with exciting new projects for our clients such as Ben & Jerry's, Casella, Ark Encounter, Rhino Foods, Smooth-On, the Essex Resort, Conant Metal & Light, Redstone, Venetian Beverages and many others.  Contact us to discuss your ideas for a project.

Arcana is all about a fusion of art and technology to create something new, something magical that makes the viewer have an experience and hopefully wonder "how'd they do that?"  We conduct ongoing R&D into material technology, as well as software and machinery. We often mix traditional sculpture or hand painting techniques with a digital fabrication workflow, from 3D model output to our CNC or 3D printer, or repurposing an industrial material, it's all fair game in creating art for our clients, to tell their stories and give the viewers a memorable experience.


Our goal is about engaging the viewer, helping our clients tell a story.  Use the art to catch the viewer's eye and draw them in to our client’s space.  Each piece needs to have character.  We add details to keep them looking and viewers are rewarded with a richer experience (the more they look the more they see).  These details add and support this concept, imparting life and implying a history, as if what the viewer sees is merely a snapshot of this living thing, an ongoing life.  Our work is really a 3-D illustration, a moment from a story.

Over the past year, we've begun more projects that are truly interactive.  Specifically, our custom vending machine for Bag Balm and the Bottle Arcade Game for Casella Waste Systems, Inc.  Its exciting to bring another level to the customer or viewer's experience and we look forward to more interactive projects in the near future.  Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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