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We create sculptures, Props, models + custom fabrications to help our clients tell stories and engage the public.  we're passionate about making art that gives people a memorable experience.  we thrive on collaboration and creative problem-solving.


since 2015, Projects have ranged from whimsical sculptures at Ben & Jerry’s to hyper-realistic dinosaurs, tiny detailed models up to a 20’ historical airplane hanging in the Burlington International Airport.  Our props and projects are spreading around the country.  

we designed and built a traveling interactive exhibit and are currently working on a children's museum exhibit.

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Below is a sampling of our portfolio and a short video.  Head over to the PROJECTS page with a closer look at some featured projects.  Last year had a variety of large and small projects which you can view in a gallery on the 2022 Review Page.

Go to the ABOUT page to meet our team and hear from our clients.



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