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Sunday River Sculpture + Wall Art

Over the last year and half, we've collaborated again with the team at Christine Burdick Designs to help bring some exciting new work to the Grand Summit Hotel at Sunday River in Maine.

Client:  Christine Burdick Designs

Year: 2021-2022

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2021 Wall Art: Windmill

In the winter of 2021, we crafted two pieces of wall art, the first was a metal sculpture that looked like it was a section of windmill from an old farm.  Though made from all new material, it was distressed and had a weathered paint finish applied.  It adds some rustic storytelling to this cozy seating area in the hotel.

Windmill sculpture.jpg

2021 Wall Art: Firewood Rack Sculpture

The second piece was designed to appear like a firewood rack with kindling.  In our piece, only the branches were "real" - the firewood was sculpted from foam and the pinecones were 3D printed - everything coated with fire-rated materials for safety, then painted to a realistic look.

Installed Wood Sculpture.jpg

2022: Gondola Replicas

We designed and built these vintage gondola replicas for the lobby of the hotel.  They appear to be taken from the mountain, just as they were in decades past.  They offer a bit of nostalgia and history to the guests.

installing gondolas.jpg


To aid in our storytelling of the the gondolas going up the mountain, we sculpted a trio of treetops.  Here, sculptor Dan Flanders applies one of several coats of epoxy hard coating to a sculpture.  Later, the trees were painting with a fun stylized look.

Dan coats the sculpture.jpg

Leaves Sculpture Installation

For the huge wall in the main lobby, we designed a sculpture installation to look like leaves blowing in the wind.  Maple leaves were cut on our CNC machine from a thermoplastic materials.  With a heat gun, Kate Kauffman sculpted them to appear like the wind was affecting each one.  Later, they were primed and painted.  We designed a custom armature/mounting fixture for each of the nearly fifty leaves that was 3D printed and painted the same color as the wall to be as discreet as possible.  

Leaves sculpture.jpg

Installing the Installation

Using a carefully mapped out plan, Tom and Kate spent a day going up and down in a scissor lift mounting each leaf and armature to the wall.

Kate installs leaves.jpg
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